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8/24/12 Friday: CrossFit CSA Throwdown WOD #6!!!! And, the current standings through the first 4 WODs.

Males    WOD 1 rank-WOD 2 rank-WOD 3 rank-WOD 4 rank-Total pts

1. Ivan-3-1-1-1-6pts

2. Dylan-4-2-3-3-12pts

3. Jerry-9-3-2-9-23pts

4. Joel-15-7-4-6-32pts

5. Dan R.6-4-27-4-41 pts

6. Steve-5-11-24-15-55 pts

7. Chad J.-8-12-31-11-62pts

7. Ken S.-11-18-15-18-62pts

9. Tim D.-18-16-19-11-64pts

10. Adam L.-14-9-25-18-66pts

11. Scott H. 16-19-11-25-71pts

12. Alan T.-22-15-14-22-73pts

13. Rich S.-10-23-20-21-74pts

14. Darrell-20-14-18-24-76pts

15. Eric B. 24-13-16-26-79pts

16. Josh C. 21-29-33-7-90pts

17. Al B. 23-25-28-27-103

18. Chris P. 26-26-30-29- 111


1. Jessica F. 1-1-3-1-6pts

2. Michelle F. 3-3-2-3-11pts

3. Ashley R. 2-4-5-2-13pts

4. Elisabeth S. 7-6-1-4-18pts

5. Claudia 4-5-14-5-28pts

6. Carrie 15-7-13-9-44pts

7. Brianna 6-20-12-10-48pts

8. Mari S. 8-11-23-7-49pts

9. Yohanna 14-8-15-13-50pts

10. Kris J. 21-10-7-20-58pts

10. Rina G. 11-23-6-18-58pts

12. Kyle 22-18-20-8-68pts

13. Kelly M. 17-24-16-17-74pts

14. Dawna H. 9-32-22-15-78pts

More names will be included on this list in the very near future as soon as I get all their scores tabulated and they finish all 4 WODs.

Also, the last day you can perform WOD 6 will be Friday, August 31st.

It should also be noted, that the final score tabulations will only include the athletes that have completed all 6 WODs by August 31st. This will affect the final placings of some folks you see here. To be fair to those that have completed all the WODs. Any questions regarding this matter please ask myself or Kirian, and we’ll be happy to shed some more light on that.

Now, WOD 6, what could it be?……


3 rounds for max points; 1 minute at each station; 1 minute rest inbetween rounds of:

(1 pt option)————(10 pt option)———(30 pt option)

1. Burpee                              GI Jane                           GI Joe

2. Box step up (24/20)     Box Jump (24/20)      Box Jump Over (24/20)

3. KB swing (35/18)           (53/35)                        (70/53)

4. Wallballs (14/8)              (20/14)                        (30/20)

5. Cleans (75/45)               (135/95)                      (165/115)

*First of all, a “GI Joe” is a burpee/muscle up. You will have ALL THREE options at each station. You decide which movement you can/want to do at each station, and you must stick to that movement ALL THREE rounds. No changing lanes when you get tired. Your judge will have a score sheet where this will be easy to track and score.

Due to equipment limitations, there will be one heat where ALL the men go, and the next heat where ALL the ladies go.

And here, we, GO!


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