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Monday 5/13/13: CrossFit CSA WOD

3-Rep Max OHS (7 min time limit)

*lets get you folks involved on the Regional competition that will be going down in two weeks. I want you guys to feel a few of the events that the athletes will be going through, and if you get to watch the comp, it’ll enhance your experience because you’ll be able to respect more what they’re going through and what numbers they’re putting up. One of the 7 events, is a max 3-rep Overhead Squat.


“Karen” for time:

150 Wall Balls

*There will be two heats per class, all wall of fame contenders NEED a judge/rep counter. HAVE FUN!


Continuing on with the Summer of PR’s….

There will be a few benchmark WODs that we’ll hold as a weekly challenge. Some workouts are so long, and/or involve so much equipment, it’s simply unrealistic to accomodate some of our class sizes with these WODs. So, a weekly challenge will work like this. You can do this weekly challenge during OPEN GYM TIME ONLY, inbetween class times. NO ATTEMPTS DURING CLASS TIME WILL BE CONSIDERED, SO PLEASE DONT PUT THE TRAINER ON THE SPOT BY ASKING. IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING THAT IF YOU TIMED YOUR WOD POORLY, AND WILL NOT FINISH BEFORE CLASS TIME, THIS INCLUDES CLEANUP, DO NOT ASK THE TRAINER IF YOU CAN “PLEASE FINISH”. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS. Therefore, all attempts AND cleanups will need to be fully completed 5 minutes before class times. I hate cutting short a solid effort, but in order for these longer WODs to be attempted and for this to work, these rules must be adhered to. And as always, you must have a rep-counter as well as a trainer present to be considered for the wall of fame.

This week’s weekly Challenge is: “Linda”

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:

Deadlift (1.5x BodyWeight)

Clean (0.75x BW)

Bench Press (1x BW)


This is a beast of a workout, and not for the fa

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