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Thursday 5/23/13: CrossFit CSA WOD

Okie doke folks, here are some updates regarding our schedule from Thursday through Monday.

Thursday- NO 630 class. 530  will be the only evening CrossFit class. Olympic class & Gymnastic class will still be held at 730 & 830, respectively.

Friday- OPEN GYM. No coached classes. You are welcome to come and work on movements you suck at. Use this time wisely and it can be some fruitful training.

Saturday & Sunday- GYM CLOSED

Monday (Memorial Day)- 1130am We’ll hold a holiday WOD. It will be a Hero WOD to honor the day. Last year we did Murph, this year will be something different.


Thursday WOD

“Black-Jack”, for time:

21 push-ups; 1 Air Squat

20 push-ups; 2 air squats …..

continue until…

1 push-up; 21 air squats


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