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Monday 5/27/13: Memorial Day WOD

Well, this weekend went down as I planned. I knew we’d smash some of the WODs, and I also anticipated we’d have some trouble on game day that we didn’t have in practice. After speaking with many other teams and individual athletes back in the warmup area all weekend long, that tended to be the consensus for many.

But when all the dust was settled, CSA once again solidified itself as a top 10 team in the toughest Region in the world, & Katie Hogan & Jackie Perez solidified their spots as two of the top women in the Region.

To be a part of a sport that doesn’t specify exactly what you need to perform in until shortly before the competition is exciting, and nerve-racking a times. But, if you’re willing fail in anything you do, you’ll find your true potential. Don’t be afraid to fail, or of making decisions that put yourself on the line. Real life is not a “Rocky”-type movie, the “good guy” doesn’t always come out on top of the standings. But if you explore why you’re really involved a sport like this, you quickly realize that you don’t need to win, to win.

That being said, we’re training hard for next year to fill our holes starting immediately. More comps coming up in the near future to have fun at. Even if your competition is personal enrichment, physical rehabilitation, or something more cerebral, keep your eye on the prize and work hard. You never want to fail because you didn’t work hard, work your butt off.


WOD-  We WILL be doing a ‘Hero’ WOD. If we get an unusually large class size, we might  run a staggered start, or switch it into a partner AMRAP. Either way, come prepared to earn your Memorial Day BBQ food.

see you tomorrow at 11:30am!!!!

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