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Power WOD 7/8/13

Alrighty Everyone,
By now most of you have established a rate of adding weight to each lift all week long. GOOD JOB! We will be keeping this process a bit longer and I want to point out a few things…
1) If you are stalling out already- you started too high in weight and should go down about 10lbs – 15 lbs and work back up.
2) If you are doing the regular crossfit WOD before you lift, you may be affecting your lifting and in turn may affect how much weight you add that day as well.
3)Keep close track of your numbers and how you feel when you lift each day.
If you have questions, nver be afraid to hit me up and ask 🙂
Warm Up: Sled Lower/Upper
Squat 5×5 ( add a small increment of weight)
Bench 5×5 ( keep the weight you ended with last week, we are upping reps first)
3 Rounds
20 Seated KB Press
20 KB Swings
20 KB Russian Twists (abs)

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