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Wednesday 8/7/13: CrossFit CSA WOD

Three sets, not for time, of:
Handstand Hold (Nose to Wall for the experienced) x 60-90 seconds
Double-Unders x 40-50 reps

Three rounds for time of
135/95 lbs Ground to Overhead x 10 reps
Pull-Ups (Chest-to-Bar for the experienced) x 15 reps
360 Meter Run (once around back building)

*I’ll be jumping in on this one at 530pm. Who’s bringing the competition?!


Alternative That Tastes Good

Ips Egg-White Chips

Ips Egg-White Chips

We’ve cooked kale chips, tried out bean chips, and were won over by falafel chips. But the newest entry to the potato-alternative universe may be the most impressive: the protein-packed egg chip. The name of the new protein-filled snack is ips (intelligent protein snack), and it consists of pressure-puffed chips made from egg whites that are just as tasty as the original potato.

There are four flavors to choose from – Sea Salt and Black Pepper (which is far more peppery than salty), Cinnamon Sugar (reminiscent of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal), tasty Aged White Cheddar, and Barbecue, with a hint of smoky sweetness.

But most impressive is the nutrition within. The chips are made of gluten-free, non-GMO egg whites and are happily devoid of artificial colorings, flavors, or preservatives. While a bag of Lay’s Classic potato chips has only 2 grams of protein, each bag of ips contains 7 grams of protein (roughly the same as two egg whites) and a one-ounce serving of ips (around 34 chips) has 130 calories (about 30 less than its spud counterpart). In addition, ips only contain half the fat of a bag of Ruffles and fewer carbs than baked crisps.

The chips may have a nice puffed texture, but they’re far less crunchy than a standard potato chip (so we wouldn’t recommend putting them directly on your sandwich). Also, you should beware the high salt content, especially for the Sea Salt and Black Pepper flavor (280 g sodium). These are minor complaints for a snack food that packs protein and is a step above your regular lunch fare.

The chips can be ordered online at Amazon and through the company’s website; they are also available in select retail stores in Southern California.[]

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