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Wednesday 8/14/13: CrossFit CSA WOD

The Hill run (An approximate 6-7k run with a gnarly hill climb in the middle.)

This is no arbitrary run. It has become a CSA Staple. I’m probably going to be placing it up on the Whiteboard as one of our benchmarks. If you have a habit of skipping running days, try not to let it be this one.

*run out to Dublin Blvd and go right. On the right, between the rent-a-car place and the bridge, turn right to get onto the path. Continue on that path for about 1.5 miles, and youll come to Amador Valley Blvd, run to the right. Take the first left, Stagecoach Rd., and continue up that road for about a mile. When the houses on the right come to an end, and you see the first break in the fence, go through the chain link fence and commence up the steep hill climb. Once to the top, keep following the trail and enjoy the view of the entire Valley, the mountain ranges, and Mt. Diablo. The trail will spit you back onto the corner of Stagecoach Rd.  and Amador Valley, and you’ll make your way back to the gym.


ONLY if you have an injury or condition precluding you from running…..

7k Row

It should be a warm day, so please bring your water and be smart. Feel bad? Stop. Something feels not right? Turn around come back. Bt, if you stay behind because you “didnt feel like running”, you will be heckled to no end by the trainer. If you knew what to do every day, you wouldn’t be coming to us. So, go run. Dont be a cherry-picker



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