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Tuesday 9/17/13: CrossFit CSA WOD

For time:

100 Double-unders
50 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
30 Shoulder to overhead (challenging weight)
90 foot Overhead Walking lunge  (45/25lbs)

Advanced athletes: Event 6 from 2013 Regionals

Regionals had a 15:00 cutoff; You have 20:00. Just take note where you were at the 15:00 mark if you can if you want to know how you compare. If you don’t plan on RX’ing the entire thing, then dont take the limited axles from those that do plan RX’ing. Axle work should be done outside for the walking lunge portion, just please take care and make certain proper precautions are taken so no cars are damaged. BE SMART.

100 Double-unders
50 Handstand push-ups
40 Toes-to-bar
30 Shoulder to overhead with axle; if available (160 / 100 lbs, Axle weighs 25 lbs)
90 foot Walking lunge with axle in front rack (160 / 100 lbs)

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