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Monday 12/2/13: CrossFit CSA WOD

In each class Monday, ACCEPT FOR THE 6AM CLASS, we will be taking preliminary measurements for those taking the Paleo challenge. Therefore, for the first part of the class, when you are not taking your measurements with Jackie, and for those that are not participating in the challenge at all, the class will be working on some mobility drills that are imperative to your overall health and fitness, some examples of which are shown below. The second part of each class, you will be performing time Trials for the following events…

1) 3 min max push-ups

2) 3 min max Burpees

3) 3 min Max AbMat Sit-ups

4) 800m Run for time

5) 500m Row for time

These Trials MUST be completed within a 25 min window. The order is largely up to you, however the trainer reserves the right to assist in this should the class size be large and there may be a log-jam on the rowers. ALL THESE TRIALS MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN THE 25 MINUTE CUTOFF, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Here are some mobility examples we can experiment with during the day:

Best Shoulder Mob Ever

YouTube Preview Image

Upper Body Maintenance:

YouTube Preview Image

Lower extremity basic list:

YouTube Preview Image

The Pelvic Fault and Low Back Pain

YouTube Preview Image


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