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Thursday 12/12/13: CrossFit CSA WOD

Strength training Circuit: Please progress through the following circuit 4 x in approx 35 minutes

WallBall x 15 (heaviest possible, you may use the slam balls if necessary which climb all the way to 50lbs, and you can drop each rep if need be, no pressure to catch an exorbitant weight at risk of injuring yourself)

Weighted 200m run (again, go heavy here for this short run, using a plate for your weight, carrying however you’d like, JUST DO NOT WALK)

Tire Flips x 5 (3 diff weights of tire here. be smart, use good form)

20m YOLK carry (you can do this inside or outside, with the Farmer bars, dumbbells, or barbells. BE SAFE WITH YOUR BACK, GO HEAVY)

Sled drive 20m indoors ( Lower that shoulder, put your head down and dig in, HEAVY AS POSSIBLE; SAME EFFORT AS LAST WEEK)

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One Response to Thursday 12/12/13: CrossFit CSA WOD

  1. Jamie says:

    Tonight’s WOD in my books will be called Beatrice, in other words it was a Bitch that gave a good ass whoopin!! Love it!!

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