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Thursday 2/27/14: CrossFit CSA WOD

The following WOD will be for the morning and noon classes (6am,9am,11am,12pm)

Workout of the Day
Four sets, not for time, of:
Goblet Squats x 15-20 reps
Sit-ups x 40 reps
Wall Climbs x 3-5 reps
Rope climbs x 2

The 530pm & 630pm classes will be instructed through the CrossFit OPEN WOD.

We are providing extra time to perform the Open WODs due to the fact that the Gym will be CLOSED Saturday and Sunday to host the CrossFit HQ Gymnastic certification.

Those that do not wish to perform the OPEN workout, are welcome to perform the above movements on the side of the class, provided it does not get in the way of the announced workout. If it does, I will provide you with alternate movements.

If you would like to perform the workout BOTH Thursday and Friday, so be it.

Best of luck to all athletes. Let the Open begin!!!


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