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Wednesday 3/19/14: CrossFit CSA WOD

Ladies and gentlemen, The CrossFit Open is in full swing and we have two more announcements left. I love the enthusiasm and effort I’ve seen from everyone as you all are attacking the workouts best you can and being very supportive of each other.

I feel the need to reiterate the rules we’re all trying to follow so everyone, including the members who are not participating, can benefit from our daily programs. Remember, you  are more than welcome to bust out the workouts Thursday night during OLY class at 730 providing its not a distraction to the class (banging weights)… we host the workout ALL DAY Friday. ..We run heats on Saturday… and you have in-between the classes on Monday.

The banging of the weights during CrossFit class time is getting a little out of hand. Whether its training on the side, or one of the workouts for the Open, this will not be allowed under any circumstances. It is disrespectful to the participants attending the class, as well as the coach on site.  We are more accommodating than most gyms, and we do not want to be forced to further restrict all side activity that can be a distraction to the regular classes. Thank you so much.



1RM Front squat

For time:
Run 1000 Meters
50 Pull-Ups
40 Thrusters (75/55 lbs)
5 Rope Climbs

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