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Thursday 3/20/14: CrossFit CSA WOD

Let’s have a little fun before week 4 of the Open begins tomorrow….

TIME TRIALS!!! Bring your own stop watch or use your phone’s stopwatch for your partner.


Keep track of each time for each trial, and add them up for your total score to place on the board at the end of class.


1) Perform each trial in any order you like,

2) You must complete ALL 5 trials within a 30 minute running clock. If you do not finish, you owe the instructor on site 60 burpees…….. dead serious…. and don’t be a wise-ass and take longer because you “want to do the burpees”, lol. Get it done people, or you’ll get a DNF

3) You must do all with a partner that will count your reps. Then you rest when you count.

The time trials are as follows:

1) 100 sit-ups for time

2) 30 hang power cleans for time (135/95)

3) 30 Burpee Box Jump overs for time (20/16)

4) 200 Double unders for time (if you CANNOT Rx double unders, then DO NOT do singles. This will not tax you near enough. Please perform, rather, a 35 calorie row for time. THIS IS NOT A CHOICE, ONLY AVAILABLE TO THOSE THAT CANNOT Rx DOUBLE UNDERS)



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