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Party WOD 5/4/14

party leg raises


Teams of 3


8 Min To establish a Team 1rm Hang Squat Snatch

10 min to warm up and set up team WOD

Regional Event 4

50 thrusters 135/95

10 rope climbs

40 thrusters

8 rope climbs

30 thrusters

6 rope climbs

**during the thrusters the barbell may never touch the ground or all reps  for that round re -start at ZERO

*** Once thrusters are done each round all three players must go under the wall to advance to the rope climbs as well as on the way back to the thrusters. Players will have designated platforms to tag in for rope climbs.  Every player MUST do at least 5 thrusters per round as well as at least 1 rope climb (or scaled climb)


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