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Friday 6/27/14: CrossFit CSA WOD

The Champion Within – “Full effort IS full victory”

There can only be one 1st place, but anyone can be a champ.

I have won many sessions against others. And just like all who win, one day you won’t, it’s reality.

So how do you learn and persevere from winning and then not winning again?

How do so many people compete and leave with true fulfillment inside? I mean TRUE fulfillment.

I do not mean smiles and tweets and Facebook selfies at the event to depression and sadness when alone, I mean truly happy.

The ones that do, as simple as it sounds, try their hardest without thinking about what others will think about their efforts.

In all honesty, they really don’t give a shit what you or others think, they run their race, as smart and as hard as they can.

Some suggestions for those lacking fulfillment with their path taken:

– Who signed you up? YOU did, take all responsibility for wins and losses, its not a higher power or specific rules that decides this, it’s you, ALL you – you did not have to, so you pay the price of admission (often I hear a lot about thanks to others as much as I do complaints – when in the end its the same – it’s yours, deal with it)

– What was your mindset? Did you from the start already have yourself beaten? AND more importantly, what is it with trying really hard and failing that you have a problem with?

– What is your AIM? Are you fooling yourself into thinking that you CAN or CANNOT have a “win”, no matter what it looks like? Go back and review the reasoning into why you are doing anything in the first place, the GROUND is where it all begins

– Is your hard work in training always fulfilling to you but in competition it seems less fulfilling? In this case its pretty simple, train hard, get out of your head at game time and have fun; your fitness will in NO WAY suffer from you not strategizing hard and not over-thinking the task at hand

Some suggestions for those HAVING fulfillment with their path taken:

– Ask yourself what the positives and negatives ARE about the success – everything has opposites, including the highs

– Be grateful for YOUR efforts, take time to pat YOURSELF on the back, it builds confidence

– Debrief and review the plan; now transcend and include all things needed to improve what you wish to improve


A. Tabata Calorie Row (total calories)

rest, then….

B. 50 Turkish Getups (70-53/50-35 lb KB or DB)

17 minutes max, rest, then….

C. Max sit-ups in 4 minutes



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