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Saturday 7/5/14: CrossFit CSA WOD

Alrighty folks, just a reminder that the gym will be closed both Saturday and Sunday. Due to liability reasons, if you are not an active employee at the gym, there will be no training at the gym during this holiday weekend. Thank you for your cooperation, and we’ll see everyone Monday.
If you absolutely cannot wait to train til Monday, then make the Hill run a part of your weekend regimen. For those that don’t know, here are the directions from the gym……
1. Go right (west) on Dublin Blvd
2. take right along the creek trail before passing over the ridge to Clark Ave
3. run to the bridge up ahead and go left over the bridge
4. follow the trail up to Amador Valley Blvd
5. Right onto Amador Valley
6. 1st left onto Stagecoach
7. about a mile down, AS SOON AS THE HOUSES ON THE RIGHT END, you’ll see a dance. go through the opening, up the trail.
8. Follow the trail all the way and over the hills for about a mile, and it will spit you out behind the dog park o the corner of Amador Valley and Stagecoach.
9. Run back to the gym along the creek.
Approx 4 mile run

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