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Wednesday 7/9/14: CrossFit CSA WOD

Apologies for the late post. Reasons I will not go into delayed the posting of the WOD. So here we go:

Teach each of the 4 movements in the workout
-tire flips
-rope climbs
-sandbag squat cleans
-farmers carry

Then set-up for the workout,

Divide the class in half – 2 teams

Station A: rope climbs and Med-Ball squat cleans
Station B: tire flips and 50ft farmers carry handles

In 8minutes:

Team 1 does Station A for MAX reps as a team
Team 2 does Station B for MAX reps as a team

Rest 2min

Groups switch Stations and attempt MAX reps as a team for 8min
(Keep scores a secret as you switch to the 2nd AMRAP)
Team captains report TOTAL reps to coach after both stations
*Amount of equipment being used at each Station must remain the SAME as the teams switch so that it is fair. Meaning, no bringing out an extra tire or an extra sandbag/med ball when your team switchs to the next station.

1 tire flip = 1rep
(SCALE: use multiple people to flip the tire)

1 rope climb = 1rep
(SCALE: 1climb to standing with feet on floor + 3 toes to rope + lower self to floor)

50ft farmers walk with the Rogue handles = 1rep
(SCALE: put out different weight options: 45s each side, 25s, or 15s)

1 Med-Ball squat clean = 1 rep (SCALE: lighter bag or a med ball if necessary)

*Originally Sandbag cleans were programmed but we have to fix the sandbags as some of them are leaking everywhere….

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