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Monday 7/21/14: CrossFit CSA WOD

In honor of CROSSFIT GAMES WEEK, CSA will be programming some of the workouts that the athletes will be attempting over the next 7 days. Masters competitors, teams, and Individual athletes, a collection of the fittest humans on planet earth will be in Carson, CA, determining who will be the 2014 champions. What better way to cheer them on, than to have tried some of the workouts yourself, and be familiar with the fatigue of those exact movements, and marvel at their scores compared to your own? I thought we’d begin the week off with a classic. The following WOD was the MetCon at the very first CrossFit Games in 2007, and it was reperformed last year by the individuals, and will be performed once again this year by the Masters competitors. Give it your best shot, and see how you compare to athletes from over the years. Then check out this awesome video by HQ outlining what’s at the heart of our sport. The emotion and camaraderie amongst your community, both far and wide.

Best of luck wishes goes out to all the competitors, but especially our friends:

Becca Voigt – The programmer for CSA comp team and Katie Hogan, and the ONLY 7 time female Games competitor. Pretty much the most consistent, fittest female in the world since the Games’ inception.

Chyna Cho- Our friend from One World, my original gym, who is now at CrossFit of Fremont, who’s qualified for the 2010 Games, came painstakingly close the last 3 years, and has made it back to the Games where she belongs. Chyna is definitely one of the most sweetest, rounded, high caliber, intelligent athletes you could meet, and definitely deserves our support. If you’re looking for someone to emulate, look no further than Chyna Cho.

Alessandra Pichelli- This amazing woman comes from our neighbors, Diablo CrossFit, and placed 4th last year at the Games in her rookie campaign. She definitely is one to watch as she battles for a spot on the podium.

Chad Augustin- Former Team Rocklin member, who will be competing as a Master for the first time this year in the 40-44 division. This guy is one of the nicest humans in the world, and I can’t wait for him to take home the Masters Gold.

Jason Khalipa- The 2008 Champion from NorCal.

Neal Maddox- Hails from San Jose and is steadily improving his performances each year at the Games, finishing top 10 last year.

Rocklin CrossFit, NorCal CrossFit- These teams are our neighbors here in NorCal and are filled with studly individuals who may be making some guest appearances at our gym not long after the Games are concluded. Big support behind them, as these folks are the real deal, and the nicest folks and trainers you can meet. I’ve been competing along side most of these guys and gals since I began in this sport years ago. It’s so exciting to watch these folks and their level of athleticism and character that we here at CSA can get inspired by and emulate in our own training and work ethic.

Row 1,000 meters
then, 5 rounds of:
25 pull-ups
7 push jerks (135 / 85 lb.)


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