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Thursday 7/24/14: CrossFit CSA WOD

(you and your partner will complete several events together)

Event 1: Total squat clean weight in 4 minutes
* you choose the weight on ONE barbell, then see how many reps you both can compile in 4 minutes. (weight x reps = your score)
ex: we choose 135. X 10 cleans, score = 1350lbs
Strategize your weight and rep scheme however you like

-Rest 3 minutes

Event 2: Max double-unders in 4 minutes
*self explanatory

-Rest 3 minutes

Event 3: Max Burpee Box (24/20) overs in 4 minutes
*strategize however you want for max reps for your team; you ARE allowed to step up and over, jump up and over, or jump clear over.

-Rest 3 minutes

Event 4: Max bar muscle ups in 4 minutes
*scale as partner pull-ups

Must move in this order, but instructor can choose to stagger start points if class is large.

Place your 4 scores on the board
(ex: 2500/158/63/21)

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