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Our Gym

Welcome to CrossFit CSA. Utilizing the CrossFit methodology of fitness and nutrition, we strive to bring the reality of elite levels of fitness to the masses. Special Forces, expecting mothers, mixed martial artists, business executives, professional and collegiate athletes, grandmothers and grandfathers, military members, police officers, fire fighters, high school athletes, and regular people like you, have all walked through our doors and have been positively impacted by our training programs.

CrossFit CSA is for everyone; our programs are scalable and adapted to the individuals skill and ability level. Our members are our biggest asset and we strive to foster a nurturing, caring community of CrossFit enthusiasts. Please contact us or come on down for a visit, we welcome the opportunity to meet you!

We are not your typical gym. We are a fitness facility. At CrossFit CSA we strive to break away from the current, flawed fitness model we see so prevalent in America. You won’t find mirrors, fancy machines, or a juice bar. What you will find are all the tools necessary to build elite levels of fitness. In most gyms, these tools are relegated to a dark, dusty corner; at CrossFit CSA the Barbell is King, The Pull-Up Bar is Queen and dumbbells, rowers, kettle bells, box jumps, wall balls, rings, climbing ropes, a place to run and other “basic” and “old-school” fitness implements are cherished above all else.

Why should I choose CrossFit CSA ?

By now, you may be asking yourself are all CrossFit Gym’s equal? The answer is no. The methodology at CrossFit CSA is the same, but the execution is different.

CrossFit Affiliated facilities are individually owned and operated. It is important to understand that Crossfit gyms are not a franchise. All CrossFit affiliates are free to set their prices and design their own programs. CrossFit CSA started with just a few clients and has grown to become a thriving community filled with dedicated members. At Crossfit CSA our mission is simple, to deliver results. What that means is that each individual is not just a number placed within a scheduled class, but rather an asset to the program that will consist of excellent training and coaching. It is not a class you are put into, it is a team that you become part of. Our passion for quality training and programming is something you will have to experience to fully understand.

There are lots of CrossFit facilities, especially here in Northern California. Some affiliates may guarantee one specific modality such as weightlifting or gymnastics. Some may just leave you to be at your own for daily workouts and others will provide you with the highest level of motivation and coaching. What do you get with your membership? Is there quality programming or community events? Are you just paying for someone to tell you what to do or are you paying for a coach to guide and instruct you to a higher caliber of fitness by  setting goals and creating a plan in achieving them?

You will find all or some of this at many CrossFit facilities. We are all similar but yet we can vastly differ. Choose what fits you and your goals best. No matter what, CrossFit is a great program that delivers results if executed safely and properly.

Look around and stop by different facilities around your area. A great CrossFit facility should be welcoming and warm. You should feel the energy immediately upon walking in the doors.

What should you look for when checking out different CrossFit Facilities?

Look for quality coaching, great people, passionate coaches and an overall encouraging community. Stop by a class, talk to the instructor and watch how people interact. See if the class is structured and organized with a guided warm-up, skill element and workout of the day. Witness the energy of the community; Are they enjoying it? Is the community of students interacting and encouraging one another? Are the coaches engaging with their members? The dynamics of a CrossFit facility is key. A positive and motivating environment is important for first time members to feel comfortable within the CrossFit culture.

What are the key elements that makes CrossFit CSA stand out?

• All of our coaches are Certified in CrossFit methodology.
• Teach skills and new movements daily.
• Insure that students log their workouts daily.
• Track you progress by knowing you, your previous records and your current fitness levels before attending class.
• Encourage students to compete at local and national CrossFit events
• Offer specialty workshops that will help improve specific skills
• Offer open gym times so you can target any weak points for a balanced and higher fitness level
• Keep you accountable by always knowing your fitness level, what classes you attend, when your out of town and so much more

Of course, the greatest key to your success is you. Achieving elite levels of fitness is a process that takes time, determination, and the watchful eye of our dedicated staff of coaches. Whatever your fitness level is today and whatever your fitness goals may be, we are there to help and guide you every step of the way. As with any endeavor you may choose to participate in, having fun is the glue that holds it all together. CrossFit has no peer in the ability to foster a sense of accomplishment and team building amongst its participants. Yes, you will be challenged within your limits, but we assure you, at CrossFit CSA you’ll get RESULTS and you’ll end every workout with a smile and high-five.