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Power WOD 12/12/14


Starting a new cycle today of 5/3/1

If you are new to the 5/3/1 please calculate 90% of your 1RM to use as your new 1RM and calculate all percentages from that.

IF YOU ARE NOT NEW and have been following the last cycle- ADD 5lbs to your upper body lifts 1RM and 10lbs to your lower body lifts 1RM.  THEN.. re-calculate your 90% and use that number to calculate all percentages for this 2nd cycle. NEXT- for every last set of 5 it is actually 5+ meaning at least 5 reps but as many as you can get if you can get more.


Strict Press 5 reps at 65%

 Strict Press 5 reps at 75%

Strict Press 5+ reps at 85%


Chin ups 5×10

dips 5×10

100 DB Shrugs

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Friday 12/12/14: CrossFit CSA WOD

front squat position
thruster technique
-work up in weight slowly to prep for workout

WOD: (~7-12min)
3 thrusters 185/115
250m row

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Thursday 12/11/14: CrossFit CSA WOD

skillwork in teams of 2:
-strict pull-up ladder 1-5-1 (use spotters as needed)
-strict dip ladder 1-5-1 (use spotters as needed)
*work:rest alternate each set with partners

WOD: (teams of 2, but individual scores)
AMAP in 1min, then 1min rest while partner goes
-bar muscle ups
-plate squats 45/35
-alt db snatch 45/30

*work:rest alternate each min with partner then move to next station
*Score is YOUR total reps after a min at each station

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Power WOD 12/10/14


Deadlift 5 reps at 40%

Deadlift 5 reps at 50%

Deadlift 5 reps at 60%


3×12 Stiff leg sumo deadlift

3×8 reverse hypers

100 sit ups

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Wednesday 12/10/14: CrossFit CSA WOD


running drills/mechanics

800m run
w/ 4min rest between each

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Tuesday 12/9/14: CrossFit CSA WOd

floor press

WOD: (~10-16min)
100m farmers carry 53/35
25 dips
100m farmers carry
50 knees to elbows
100m farmers carry
100 double unders
100m farmers carry

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Power WOD 12/8/14


Bench Press 5 reps at 40%

 Bench Press 5 reps at 50%

 Bench Press 5 reps at 60%


3×10 T-bar rows

100 mc hammers’

100 bandy tris

3×10 push ups

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Monday 12/8/14: CrossFit CSA WOD

kipping pull-ups mechanics (review/practice for everyone)
OTM for 10min have athletes do 1-5reps of whatever part of progression they’re working on
-kip swing, kip swing + knee drive, kipping pull-up attempt, multiple kipping pull-ups unbroken
-Advanced can practice butterfly or chest to bar
4rds of
in :90sec
10 push jerks 135/95
as many bar facing burpees as possible
rest :30sec
*Score is burpees!

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Party WOD 12/7/14

Teams of 4

Buy in:

Wall Ball (RX 90 reps #25/20) Scaled (60 reps 20/14)

Chest to bar pull up (RX 90 reps) Scaled 60 reps

THEN.. Immediately into ( 2 people complete one couplet- then tag other two team mates to complete the second couplet) * couples may work at the same time

Couplet 1-


Hang Clean and Jerk (RX 135/95) (Scaled (95/65)

Burpee over barbell

Couplet 2-


Power Snatch (RX 135/95)  (Scaled 95/65)

Handstand Push Up (Scaled HR Push Up)


Cash Out:

Box jumps (RX 90 reps 30/24″) Scaled 60 reps 24/20

Chest to bar pull up (RX 90 reps) Scaled 60 reps




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Endurance WOD 12/7/14


Teams of 2: x2

Run 1 mile

Row max meters

** one person will run while the other rows- then you will switch

SCORE is time finished+meters rowed ( 1 second taken off your time for every 100 meters rowed)

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