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Combat Sports Academy CrossFit CSA is a division of The Combat Sports Academy (CSA). CSA is located in Dublin, CA and is the most comprehensive Combat Sports Training Center in Northern California featuring programs in all major aspects of Self Defense, Fighting and Fitness. We've brought together some of the best trainers in the world, specializing in Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Wrestling, and CrossFit, all under one roof.

Saturday 7/5/14: CrossFit CSA WOD

Alrighty folks, just a reminder that the gym will be closed both Saturday and Sunday. Due to liability reasons, if you are not an active employee at the gym, there will be no training at the gym during this holiday weekend. Thank you for your cooperation, and we’ll see everyone Monday.
If you absolutely cannot wait to train til Monday, then make the Hill run a part of your weekend regimen. For those that don’t know, here are the directions from the gym……
1. Go right (west) on Dublin Blvd
2. take right along the creek trail before passing over the ridge to Clark Ave
3. run to the bridge up ahead and go left over the bridge
4. follow the trail up to Amador Valley Blvd
5. Right onto Amador Valley
6. 1st left onto Stagecoach
7. about a mile down, AS SOON AS THE HOUSES ON THE RIGHT END, you’ll see a dance. go through the opening, up the trail.
8. Follow the trail all the way and over the hills for about a mile, and it will spit you out behind the dog park o the corner of Amador Valley and Stagecoach.
9. Run back to the gym along the creek.
Approx 4 mile run

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Friday 7/4/14: CrossFit CSA WOD

Happy Birthday America!

11am class only

25 min AMRAP; In teams of two:

While one partner is inside working on max rounds of:

Cindy (5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats)

The other partner will be outside completing:

50′ Overhead lunge walk (45/25)


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Thursday 7/3/14: CrossFit CSA WOD



Throwing slam balls

-chest pass

-backwards overhead


-side twist left

-side twist right


(going for distance, but be sure to get good height as well to create an arc shape)





Push or Split Jerks 155/105

30 Double Unders each round

(scale = 30double under ATTEMPTS + 10 tuck jumps each round)

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Power WOD 7/2/14



warm up: Upper body- sled- bands-etc

Bench Press (close grip) 3×5 at 70% 1RM

Rest as needed between sets.


1 min on 1 min off x 3

incline DB bench press

Dips 3×12 Pull Ups 3x Fail ( wtd if possible)

** If you do not have pull ups do 3 sets of 5 slow negative pull ups.


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Wednesday 7/2/14


general + ankles, calves



10min AMRAP

10 box jumps 24”

10 pistols

10 toes to bar



DB bent over rows


*try to go up each set, should feel HEAVY


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Tuesday 7/1/14: CrossFit CSA WOD

Strength: (20 minutes; 2-3 to a bar)

Klokov Clean Complex

* work up to a heavy set of the following complex, and please be certain to perform complex UNBROKEN:


-1X SQUAT CLEAN (hold in bottom of squat for 2 seconds)

-1X PUSH PRESS (hold in arc position 2 seconds)


WOD: 3 rounds

Run 400m

30 WallBalls

20 MedBall Cleans (full hip extension and full squat every rep!)

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Power Wod 6/30/14



Warm Up: sled Lower

Mobility for hips if needed.

Back Squat (3 sec pause at bottom)

3×5 at 70% 1RM Rest as needed between sets. (3 sets of 5 reps)

Asst: 3×15 Back rack walking lunges

Cash Out: Accumulate 5 min of a weighted plank hold

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Monday 6/30/14: CrossFit CSA WOD

A. Back Squat 5×5 (80% 1RM)

B. Emom – 14 min
odd – 5/3 unbroken MUps (adv) OR … 5-10 unbroken pull-ups (beg-inter.)
even – thruster x 5 (challenging weight) + barbell burpee x 5

*1-2 muscle ups on the odd minutes if you absolutely cannot string them together

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Party WOD 6/29/14

party wod



Part A: Skills Test- Two players from each team at a station Except station 3 ( all 4 relay style)

Station 1-1 min each athlete max airdyne cals

Station 2- 1 min each athlete max pistols and max hs walk

Station 3- 5-10-15  yard speed drill- relay style- all 4 athletes


Part B :    2 options- RX and ADVANCED ** one person works at a time


90 burpee pull ups

60 burpee box jump overs 20″  for both

90 burpee deadlifts 185/135

120 wall ball 20/14

90 burpee pull ups


35 burpee muscle ups

60 burpee box jump overs 24″ for both male and female

90 burpee deadlifts 275/185

120 wall ball 20# for both male and female

35 burpee muscle ups

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Endurance WOD 6/29/14




Grab your sunblock, headphones, and whatever else you need. Today will be the infamous hill run. It is approx. 4.2 miles. If you need to scale with a row or a shorter distance to challenge yourself I will give you a scale. Feel free to buddy up as well if you need support.  Please be on time and well hydrated as we will need the whole hour to complete this most likely. If this is your first time doing this run and you think you may take longer that is just fine.

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