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Combat Sports Academy CrossFit CSA is a division of The Combat Sports Academy (CSA). CSA is located in Dublin, CA and is the most comprehensive Combat Sports Training Center in Northern California featuring programs in all major aspects of Self Defense, Fighting and Fitness. We've brought together some of the best trainers in the world, specializing in Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Wrestling, and CrossFit, all under one roof.

Power WOD 11/12/15



Bench Press 1×5 at 65%

Bench Press 1×5 at 75%

Bench Press 1×5 at 85%


5×10 Strict press

3×5 Pause Dips (3 sec pause at bottom)

5×10 Supine Bent over BB Row

50 DB Shrugs

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Thursday 11/12/15: CrossFit CSA WOD

A) 1RM Deadlift
– 2 min AMRAP at 80%
B) 1RM Bench Press
– 2 min AMRAP at 80%

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Veterans Day; Wednesday 11/11/15: CrossFit CSA THREE WISE MEN WOD

Today, we come together as a community to honor and pay tribute to the lives of three brothers: Jeremy Wise, Ben Wise, and Beau Wise: The Three Wise Men.

After the September 11th attacks on our country, Jeremy joined the Navy and became a SEAL. Ben already in the Army became a member of the legendary Green Berets. Beau followed his brothers and joined the Marine Corps Infantry.

Together they served over 1,600 days in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tragically, a suicide bomber in Afghanistan killed Jeremy on December 30, 2009. Just over two years later, Ben was killed in a firefight in Afghanistan. When Ben’s last requests were examined, he had asked to be buried in his service uniform, next to his brother Jeremy. Beau Wise remains on active duty in the United States Marine Corps.

Memorial Day at the end of May is when we honor those who gave their life in combat—veterans like Jeremy and Ben Wise who gave that “last full measure of devotion.” Today, Veterans Day is the when we honor all who served and continue to serve. Those like Beau who made it home but deal with the legacy of war daily.

Every day in America, between 22 and 50 veterans commit suicide. Before you finish today’s WOD another veteran will have taken his or her own life. That is between 22 and 50 families who receive the agonizing call that their loved on has died not die from “combat”, but from the “peace” that followed.

The Three Wise Men Tribute is a national movement to bring our community together on Veterans Day to honor and stand with those who survived their combat experience. Our efforts today, send a powerful message to our veterans a loving community supports them and raises funds to assisting their transition.

If you haven’t had a chance to sign up, please visit to register. Registration closes Sunday and your $25 tax-deductible contribution will go to help those we honor. You will also receive the 2015 Three Wise Men Tribute t-shirt.

Today’s WOD is divided into three sections. One in honor of Jeremy, one for Ben, and one for Beau.

As you work through these, think about the struggles and sacrifices of our returning veterans. For them, we all come together on this day.

These warriors fought for our country, now it is our turn to fight for them.

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 4 minutes of:
5 Hang Squat Snatch (Elite = 185/125 lbs, RX = 135/95 lbs, Scaled = 95/65 lbs)
10 Burpees Over the Barbell
Rest 2 minutes, and then…

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 4 minutes of:
10 Power Cleans (Elite = 185/125 lbs, RX = 135/95 lbs, Scaled = 95/65 lbs)
20 Pull-Ups
Rest 2 minutes, and then…

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 4 minutes of:
15 Box Jump-Overs (Elite & RX = 24”/20”; Scaled – 24”/20” Step-Overs Allowed)
30 Wall Ball Shots (Elite & RX = 20/14 lbs; Scaled – 14/8 lbs)

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Power WOD 11/10/15



5/3/1 is the name of the game.  We are moving into our second 4 week cycle.  If you are new to power have no fear just jump in and I will start you where you need to be.

For anyone who has followed the first 4 weeks…..

You are STILL working off of your 90% 1RM number to

ADD 10 lbs to all of your lowe body lifts

ADD 5 lbs to all upper body lifts

These new numbers will be what you use to figure all percentages for the next 4 weeks :)


Back Squat 1×5 at 65%

Back Squat 1×5 at 75%

Back Squat 1×5 at 85%


5×10 Stiff leg Sumo DL

5×15 Heavy Russian KB Swings

3×10 Med Ball V Up

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Tuesday 11/10/15: CrossFit CSA WOD

10 min EMOM of:
1 Bear Complex (115/85)
then, beginning at 10:00, perform the following,
For time:
run 500m ( to fence with ivory and back)
40 pull-ups
30 ring dips
20 toes to bar
10 calorie row
5 wall walks
3 rope climbs

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Power WOD 11/9/15


Strict Press 1×5 at 40%

 Strict Press 1×5 at 50%

Strict Press 1×5 at 60%


5 rounds

10 ring rows

10 ring dips

10 HSPU / push up

1 min plank

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Monday 11/9/15: CrossFit CSA WOD

A) 20 min to Establish 10-rep Max back squat; or to best from 10 days ago

B) Score total reps: 12 minutes total
1 min max box jumps 24/20
1 min max SDHP 95/65
2 min max box jumps
2 min max SDHP
3 min max box jumps
3 min max SDHP

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Friday 11/6/15: CrossFit CSA WOD

30 cal row
Run 100m
30 kb swing (53/35)
Run 100m
30 ALT kb snatch (53/35)
Run 100m
30 KB SDHP (53/35)
Run 100m
30 TTB
Run 100m
30 DU
Run 100m
30 Hollow rocks
Run 100m
30 sit ups
Run 100m

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REMINDER: 11/7/15 & 11/8/15 GYM CLOSED

attention members


This weekend CrossFit CSA will be hosting the Annual SPF Recordbreakers Power Lifting meet. Saturday and Sunday 11/7 and 11/8 we will be closed.  Please feel free to stop by and watch some very powerful ladies and gentlemen Break Records!! Power Lifting is growing fast and  this meet in particular is one of the largest meets held every year!! Stop in and see what it’s all about!!


Classes will resume as normal on Monday  11/9/15

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Power WOD 11/6/15



Deadlift 1×5 at 40%

Deadlift 1×5 at 50%

Deadlift 1×5 at 60%


10 rounds

1 prowler sprint 50m (add weight each round)

200m run

cash out:

2 rounds

20 hollow rocks weighted

20 russian twists weighted

20 sit ups weighted

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