CrossFit CSA is a passionate community of coaches and members who believe fitness is about one thing, RESULTS! A certain type of result, to be more specific. Measurable, observable, repeatable results. Working out shouldn’t waste your time and life is too short to not have fun while your doing it! No matter what the reasons are that bring you to CrossFit CSA, whether your looking to lose weight, feel better and improve your overall heath, or your looking to get “Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger” or you just want to look better naked, CSA has got you covered!


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Combat Sports Academy CrossFit CSA is a division of The Combat Sports Academy (CSA). CSA is located in Dublin, CA and is the most comprehensive Combat Sports Training Center in Northern California featuring programs in all major aspects of Self Defense, Fighting and Fitness. We've brought together some of the best trainers in the world, specializing in Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Wrestling, and CrossFit, all under one roof.

Thursday 8/28/14: CrossFit CSA WOD


Workout of the Day
In teams of two, with only one partner working at a time*, complete:
100 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
400 Meter Run
80 Partner Pull-ups **
400 Meter Run
60 Box Overs (24/20)***
400 Meter Run
40 Over-Unders****
*Teammates will perform the 400 Meter Runs together and must stay within arms reach.

**PArtner Pull-ups means partner MUST assist, NO KIPPING allowed.

***Any way you get over the box counts. Hurdle it, on then over, step up and over.

****PVC pipe between two boxes. Jump over, crawl under and stand for 1 complete rep.


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Power WOD 8/27/14


Find your 1RM Bench Press

Then 80% AMRAP


100 Mc Hammers

150 bandy tris

200 Bandy Rows

Cash Out:  sets of  clapping push ups

* rest 20sec between sets

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14.5 … BOOM

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps, for time of:
Thruster, 95/65 lbs
Burpee (Bar Facing)

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Tuesday 8/26/14: CrossFit CSA WOD


Five sets of:
Push Press x 3-5 reps (groups of 2-3)
Rest 2-3 minutes

B. For time:
Run 200 Meters
Rest 60 seconds
Run 400 Meters
Rest 60 seconds
Run 600 Meters
Rest 60 seconds
Run 600 Meters
Rest 60 seconds
Run 400 Meters
Rest 60 seconds
Run 200 Meters


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Power WOD 8/25/14


Find your Good Morning 3 Rep Max.

**Good Morning from Pins

*** Set pins at about hip height and keep good form NO ROUNDED BACKS!!!


3×10 Squat GM

5-4-3-2-1 Sled pull – add weight each set (your 1 pull will be the heaviest)

* pull to brick wall and back=1

150 abs

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Monday 8/25/14: CrossFit CSA WOD


We will be repeating Open workout 14.5 Wednesday. You have been warned. Smash your Open score!!!

Every minute, on the minute, for 20 minutes: (rotating through 4 movements 4 times each)
1st minute – Row x 12/9 calories
2nd minute – TnG Power Cleans x 5 reps (heavy)
3rd minute — Double Unders x 30
4th minute — weighted Pushups x 10
5th minute — REST
* Power cleans MUST be tap and go, and you can only drop from the top of last rep.

**Choose a weight for the push-ups that makes them challenging. If bodyweight is already challenging, then of course add no weight.

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Friday 8/22/14: CrossFit CSA WOD

Score is total Bear Complex Rounds (115/75) *choose a weight that will promote a nice burn, nothing heavy that’ll induce a ton of resting….

6 minutes each round; 3 minutes recovery between rounds

Row 600 Meter
Bear Complex x Max Reps

Rest 3 minutes; then…
Wall Balls x 60 reps
Bear Complex x Max reps

Rest 3 minutes; then…
“Cindy” Rounds x 3
Bear Complex x Max reps

AFTER PARTY: Pull-up practice (Choose one that is difficult but doable)

1. Ring Rows x 40 (choose a challenging body angle; feet elevated, etc.)

2. Kipping pull-up x 40

3. Butterfly Kip x 40

4. Chest to bar kip x 30

5. Butterfly Chest to bar x 30

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Thursday 8/21/14




4x 10 Back Squat

WOD: For Time

20 Burpee box jump overs


600m run

15 Burpee box jump overs


400m run

10 Burpee box jump overs


200m run

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Power WOD 8/20/14



Overhead Press 1 RM from pins

** Set pins at nose height


8×3 @ 80%


100 push ups ( use the slingshot if necessary)

200 bandy rows

Pull ups 3xFail

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Wednesday 8/20/14

thorsdottir power clean



8 min EMOM

4 power cleans ( challenge yourself, keep feet under the hips but go heavy)


6x400m Run

rest exactly 2:00 min beteween rounds

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