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CrossFit CSA App

Members dont forget to download our new CrossFit CSA iPhone app, “Outside the Box” is now available for download in iTunes! go now and download it. Customized specifically for members of our gym, CrossFit CSA App lets you take us with you everywhere and will allow you to:

-View CrossFit CSA’s Daily WODs. Our App will display our daily WOD from the most accessible platform available, and because it makes other info just as accessible, our athletes will be able to check out what else is going on around our box as well.
-Keep a personal, mobile workout log. Instead of carrying around a notepad or waiting until you get home to your computer, our athletes will now be able record their performances (WOD scores, PR’s, etc) while recovering on the floor.
-Search past results. You can even look back at the past months to see how consistent you’ve been, see a past day’s result, or use the Search function to see how you have progressed over multiple performances of any WOD or individual PR’s.
-Receive “push” messages from our Awesome coaches. Will can send you a link to his favorite soundtrack, Jackie can send you pictures of her thumbs, Jessica can remind you to drink your fish oil and Jenna can send you reviews of her favorite Non-Paleo Sprinkles Cupcakes.
-View videos. Whether it’s a WOD Demo, a video of someone getting their 1st muscle up, or an inspirational video, videos are a powerful reason our app will not be “just an app”.
-Keeps a calendar of CrossFit CSA events to make sure our athletes know about it! Between push notifications delivered directly to your phone and our app’s events section, it’s easy.
-Now, wherever our athletes go, we can go with them.

Go to iTunes and download Outside the Box, here:

Once it’s on your mobile device, open the app and click “Register as Member.” Use the menus to select our affiliate “CSA CF”, choose CrossFit CSA Team as your instructor — and then start using Outside the Box to track your progress!

Note: The app will be free to members to download and use, but the optional personal WOD tracking feature — if you choose to use it beyond the one-week free preview — will cost $.99 cents per month. The subscription costs go directly to “Outside the Box”, not to CrossFit CSA.