It’s with great excitement that we welcome Power Lifting Guru and world renowned Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Jesse Burdick to the Team.

A former Division I Baseball Player, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and ART Therapist, Jesse currently competes as an “Elite” Level Power Lifter in 3 weight classes with a best squat of 909 pounds, best bench of 601 pounds, and a best dead lift of 804 pounds. Jesse is a frequent contributor and advisory board member to Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness and Power Magazines.

Jesse has joined the father of Power Lifting, Louis Simmons of the World Famous ‘West Side Barbell”, to conduct the Power Lifting Certification seminars for CrossFit HQ. The CrossFit Power Lifting Seminars are taught around the world by Jesse Burdick and his partner Mark Bell with the techniques used by Louie Simmons that have allowed Louie to create the most successful power lifters in the world.

Aside from his “Train-The-Trainer” Duties with West Side and CrossFit, Jesse coaches a highly successful power lifting team, high school athletic teams, and works with individuals including, professional, collegiate and nationally competitive athletes, enabling them to reach formerly “unattainable” goals.

Jesse’s ever evolving knowledge of human anatomy and insight into the constantly progressing fitness industry enables him to custom tailor programs for clients looking to shed a few pounds or athletes preparing for competition. It is rare to find someone so passionate about their profession. Jesse’s love of health and fitness is truly contagious.

These are just some of the reasons we are so excited that CSA is now the proud home of Jesse Burdick and his Prevail Power Lifting Team…Welcome Guys & gals to the CSA family. You can find Jesse coaching, motivating and managing all levels of athletes to breakthrough performances remotely through his incredibly popular PowerWOD.com website and now in person at CSA Gym.


There are two independent programs to fit your scheduling needs at CSA, both following the Conjugate programming method, providing both noon and evening workout opportunities:


The power lifting work out of the day is broken up Conjugate style. There are max effort upper body days and max effort lower body days. Then there are dynamic upper body days and dynamic lower body days where athletes perform higher reps and work on form & speed.

  • Max Effort Lower Monday
  • Max Effort Upper Wednesday
  • Dynamic Friday


Comprises a comprehensive power program:

  • Monday: Dynamic Effort Upper (DE)
  • Tuesday: Max Effort Lower (ME)
  • Thursday: Max Effort Upper (ME)
  • Friday: Dynamic Effort Upper (DE)

A comprehensive overview of the Power Wod program is broken down here:

Program Overview

By using Jesse’s proven strength program our athletes will maximize strength gains and minimize plateaus. Time to Drink Milk, Dead Lift and Get STRONG B****Hes!!!!

For More information about Jesse and all things POWER…Check out Jesse’s Awesomely Popular website below: