Welcome to the OPEN 2018

Okay ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2018 @crossfitgames Open.
If you have not signed up yet??? Why not? There is still time this week to Register. When you sign up make sure you register under “CrossFit CSA”!!!
By signing up you are supporting the gym, you are testing your self, it’s a test of “your” fitness…it’s you vs you…no one else…most of all it’s fun and guess what???? Your gonna do the workouts anyway :).
That’s right, here is roughly how the next 5 weeks will work: – Each Friday, CSA will host the workout throughout the day at the regular class times. All classes will be ran in heats, dividing the folks as necessary, everyone getting a chance to judge and be judged. Whether you are participating in the Open or Not if you train on a Friday for those 5 weeks…your WOD will be that weeks “Open WOD”.
If there is a movement in that WOD that you cant do, or a weight that you cant lift …simple, you can of course “scale” it as necessary, just like any other WOD.
If your not registered in the open then we may modify the workout as necessary for you based on time and equipment issues as well.
Everyone registered for the Open, will be using an “official scorecard”, and will have that scorecard signed off by the head trainer running each class. That score card will then be turned in for our records. No Scorecard signed by your judge and lead trainer = NO SCORE!!!
If your not participating in the Open and you don’t care about your score then simply don’t use the score card and just get your WOD ON ;)!
For those that are doing the Open the scheduled times to do the Open WODS each week are the same as always; All Day Friday – All Classes, Saturday?s Open Gym Times 11AM-2PM, Sunday?s Open Gym Times 12PM-2PM and Monday?s Open Gym Times. Not during Class Times on Monday, WOD must be done by 4:30PM on Monday?s.
NOTE: All Scores must be submitted by you the athlete to the CrossFitGames website or App by 5PM Each Monday…THEN AND ONLY THEN can we Validate your scores. Keep in mind the website gets bogged down later in the day on Mondays so you need to submit your scores as soon as possible.
Let?s have some fun!!!#CrossFitCSA #csaarmy