WOD Wednesday 7/18/18



3 Snatch Grip DL


3 Snatch High Pull

**The purpose of the EMOM 10 of skill work is to reinforce good positions and awareness. These two movement are to be performed at very light weight to allow for this. After the 10 minutes is up, athletes will have 5 minutes to regroup before taking another 10 minutes to build to a ?heavy? Power Snatch. Heavy is different from a 1RM in that we are looking to move exceptionally well while still challenging ourselves. If we reach a certain load and things start to break down, that is a great time to shut things down or drop weight.

-REST 5 minutes-

Then Build to a Single Heavy Power Snatch for the day


“Head to TOE”

In 8 minutes complete as many rounds as possible of:

10 Toes To Bar

10 Burpees