WOD Friday 8/17/18

“Double or Nothing”

3 rounds for time of:
75 Double Unders
50 Air Squats
15 Power Cleans, 135/95 lbs

Skill – Wall Squat x20 reps
**Wall Squat
The Wall Squat is a great evaluator of common errors in the air squat and can help to dial in mechanics. Athletes will face the wall or face a barbell placed in a rack, leaving enough room for them to squat to full depth. At first, we are looking to squat to full depth, with the hip crease passing below the top of the knee. Using plates or a medicine ball can be a good landmark for athletes. The torso may not be upright, almost in an immature squat position, but this is ok if other points of performance are met at the beginning. Athletes will place both hands overhead and want to avoid touching the wall during their squat. Hands extended overhead forces them to keep the core braces and recruits the muscles of the back. Distance from the wall can be adjusted based on the athlete. During the squat, athletes will work to:
1. Spread the floor apart with the feet
2. Maintain lumbar curve
3. Send the hips down and back
4. Have the knees track over the toes
5. Keep the heels grounded
6. Hips below crease of knee