Open Week 2 Wrap up!!

Congrats on completing the second week of the CrossFit Open!! Thank you to everyone who showed up to Friday night Lights it certainly was a blast and the costumes were fun!!

Week 3 Theme will be…. Heroes and Villains!! Dress as your favorite Hero or Villain and do the WOD in your costume on Friday!!? Please make sure to get your scoresheet marked off as hero or villain to get points for your team.

Congrats to our Top 3 in each category this week…. In NO PARTICULAR ORDER…..

Men’s RX-

Ken Enstrom, Chris Connelly, Josh Phillips

Men’s Scaled-

Thomas Lee, Manohar Darla, Justin Dimaya

Women’s RX-

Ashley Rincon, Kelsey Parker, Amaya Batiza

Women’s Scaled-

Stephanie Norwood, Genah Fabien, Krystal Dimaya

Master’s RX-

Will Blaker, Christine Pham, Jessica Fitzy

Master’s Scaled-

Richard Bennett, Alicia Barco, Jackie Howard

Team Scores are in order as follows

Team 3 & 4- 61 points

Team 5- ? ? ? 53 Points

Team 2- ? ? ? 51 points

Team 1- ? ? ? 48 points

Team 6- ? ? ? 45 points