WOD Thursday 6/20/19

“Mano Y Mano”

3 rounds for time of:
Row Calorie
Prowler Push, 400 m
Split class into two even teams
The scored portion today is each teams calories on the rower
Score is total calories at the end of the 3 rounds
You can go all guys/girls teams or line the class up by height and count of team 1, team 2 down the line
There should be 1 prowler and 1 rower for every 3 athletes on the team
For example, teams of 12 will have 4 rowers and 4 prowlers each
This is an empty prowler push, so the goal is speed here
If you don?t have prowlers or don?t have enough prowlers there are several options:
Use less prowlers, but make them heavier
Perform a farmers carry, tire flip, or weighted run of some kind
If unable to use the lower half for the sled push, complete calories on a bike or ski erg until the team returns