WOD Thursday 8/22/19

“Team Tosh Sprints”

3 rounds for time of:
Run, 200 m
Run, 400 m
Run, 600 m

“Team Tosh Sprints” is a repeat workout from 6.21.18
One athlete works at a time while the other rests
The flow of the workout goes as follow:
Athlete 1 runs 200 meters, Athlete 2 runs 200 meters
Athlete 1 runs 400 meters, Athlete 2 runs 400 meters
Athlete 1 runs 600 meters, Athlete 2 runs 600 meters
Repeat that cycle 2 more times for total of 3 rounds each
The score today is total time it takes for athletes to complete the 3 rounds
On the shorter side, this takes athletes around 30 minutes to complete
Athletes on the longer side will take 38-40 minutes to complete the work
If unable to run, complete one of the following:
Row: 250-500-750
Bike Erg: 400-800-1200
Assault Bike: 14/10-28/20-42/30