WOD Monday 9/23/19


Find a heavy complex of:

1 hang power snatch+ 2 power snatch+ 3 Overhead squats



Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 mins of:

12 Deadlifts, 115/85 lbs

9 Overhead Squats, 115/85 lbs

6 Hang Power Snatches, 115/85 lbs

GENERAL This is a repeat workout from 6.19.19 Scores from the last attempt ranged in the 3+ to 6+ round range Two part workout focused on barbell cycling Build to something heavy, but good looking in part 1

BARBELL MOVEMENTS Choose your weight based off the overhead squats or hang power snatches, whichever is the limiting factor Should be something you will not have to break with more than once on both movements

LOGISTICS For athletes unable to go overhead, hang power cleans, power cleans, and front squats will be the best alternative