WOD Thursday 10/3/19

Lifting: 3×6 back squat

WOD: “underbelly”

For time:

50 -35-20

double unders

ab mat sit up

directly into-


double unders

air squats

GENERAL Working some Back Squats today followed by two back-to-back couplets of double unders and bodyweight movements There is no rest between couplets, so athletes will move right from one section to the next Looking for “”Underbelly”” to take somewhere between 12-20 minutes BACK SQUATS Athletes have the choice to build in weight or stay at the same challenging weight across Before the 3 sets of 6, athletes can take 3-4 warmup sets to build to their first “”working”” set of the day DOUBLE UNDERS Choose Double Under variations that allow you to complete the 50-35-20 reps in 60-45-30 seconds respectively Reduce reps or choose one of the options listed in “Movement Subs”