Team Standings Open Week 1

Way to kick off a great open guys and gals!! We have 4 teams this year. The team folders with names on them will be up tomorrow and you can take a peek at which team you are on. Congrats to those who placed top in their catagories (list will follow) Scoring went as follows: 2 points each for the top 3 RX men and women. 2points each for the top 3 scaled men and women. 2 points each for the top 2 overall rx masters and 2 points each for the overall top 2 scaled masters. 1 point each for everyone who did the workout by the deadline Monday at 5pm. This weeks bonus point was gained by anyone who signed up under CrossFit csa for the open on the CrossFit games website!! Keep your ears open for ways to get bonus points each week. Also due to the nature of this weeks wod- an extra point was given to the only three people to finish under the timecap!! Congrats to Josh Phillips, Mia Andrews, and Jackie Howard!!

Week 1 standings:

Team 3: 29 pts

Team 4: 27 pts

Team 2: 26 pts

Team 1: 26 pts

Congrats to this weeks athletes taking top scores!

RX Masters- Josh Phillips,Daryl Tillmanshoffer and Lisa Limesand

Scaled Masters- Jackie Howard, Richard Bennett, and Dan Russell

RX Men-Eddie Nava, Chris Wilson, Venkat G.

Scaled Men- Mano Darla, Rafael Abdalla, Divey Saini

RX Women- Josie Maltbe, Chanel Idos, Lisa Ceja

Scaled Woman- KC Chew, Frankie Stoneham, Amy Rodriguez