OPEN 20.3 Scores and Updates!

Week 3 and what a doozy! Congrats to all of you who took on this challenge!

Team standings are as follows:

1st place goes to Team 1 with 81 points

2nd place goes to Team 4 with 76 points

3rd place goes to Team 2 with 72 points

4th place goes to Team 3 with 66 points

Our Top Scorers this week taking home extra points for their teams are:

Masters RX- Josh Phillips, Lisa Limesand

Masters Scaled- Jackie Howard, Rick Gentry

Men RX- Eddie Nava, Chris Wilson, Mio Zeng

Men Scaled- Rafael Abdulla, Venkat G., Tony Morias

Women RX- Josie Maltbe, Jesy Nelson, Mia Andrews

Women Scaled- Amber Leibrock, Krystal Dimaya, Lisa Ceja