Endurance WOD 11-3-19

For 5 cycles:

AMRAP in 4 mins of:

30 – Shuttle Runs, 10 m

20/15 Assault Bike Calories

Max Calorie Row

Rest 4 mins between each cycle. For each cycle restart the AMRAP.

GENERAL Today’s workout is 1 of 3 variations of this “tri-sprint” workout We’re looking to maintain a fairly high intensity, as the movements are very simple and there is rest built in As a general time line, we’re looking to complete the shuttle runs and bike in about 90 seconds each, giving 1 minute to complete max calories on the rower Adjust the numbers or place a time cap as needed to give athletes at least 1 minute on the rower each round The score is total calories on the rower over the 5 rounds If short on machines, stagger athletes on opposite 4-minute windows

SHUTTLE RUNS Place cones 10 meters apart for the shuttle runs Every time one part of the body crosses the line, a rep is counted If shuttle runs don’t work logistically, run 300 meters outside instead

BIKE The calories here will differ slightly based on the bike:

Assault, Echo, Bike Erg: 20/15 Calories

If unable to bike, complete one of the following: 30 AbMat Sit-ups 15 Toes to Bar