Open 20.4 Stats and Updates!

REMINDER!! This weekend is the Record Breakers Power Lifting meet at CSA. Saturday 8 am CrossFit class will be the only available Saturday class and will be held outside.

In other news!! We are in the final week of the open! This weeks theme is ..”Twinning is Winning” Pick someone to dress as twinsies and you each get 2 points for your team. You can twin it up with a team member or pick from another team because you each get 2 points!

Friday we will have a BBQ and potluck to celebrate the end of the open. Burgers will be provided by csa. Please bring a small dish to share AND if you do you get another 2 points for your team!! Also feel free to BYOB!

Now for this weeks stat wrap up…

Team 1 is in the lead with 108 points

Team 4 is right behind them with 103 points

Team 2 takes home 94 points

Team 3 wraps up the week with 87 points

Top scores this week are…

Masters RX- Darryl Tillmanshoffer and Christine Pham

Masters Scaled- Dan Russel and Jackie Howard\

Men RX- Josh Phillips, Darnell Moore, Chris Wilson

Men Scaled- Jason Warholic, Tony Morais, Manohar Darla

Women RX- Josie Maltbe, Mia Andrews, Chanel Idos

Women Scaled- Amber Liebrock, Alyssa Lorenzo, Krystal Dimaya