CrossFit Open Wrap Up!

Congrats to everyone for completing the CrossFit Open!! Special Thanks to Jackie and Tim Howard and Christine and Minh Pham for helping put on our end of the open BBQ!!!

In the news we are going to order an Open Cup that will have last years winning team name on it and this years… with many more to come!!

It all Shakes out like this..

The Winning Team is Team #1 with 148 points

Second place goes to Team #4 with 136 points

Third place goes to Team #2 with 125 points

Fourth place goes to Team #3 with 108 points

Top Finishers this week in no particular order were…

Masters RX- Josh Phillips and Daryl Tillmanshoffer

Masters Scaled- Jackie Howard and Rick Gentry

Men RX- Eddie Nava, Miao Zeng, Chris Wilson

Men Scaled- Leo Barbosa, Venkat G, Justin Dimaya

Women RX- Jesy Nelson, Josie Maltbie, Chanel Idos

Women Scaled- Amber Liebrock, Nargis Shaghasi, Krystal Dimaya

Outside of the Top Scores- an extra point was given out to everyone else who finished the wod under the time cap.. These points were earned by..

Alyssa Lorenzo, Jason Warholic, Tony Morias, Mano Darla, Ashish A, Div Saini, Rafael Abdalla