WOD Monday 2-3-20

For time:

Run, 600 m

Assault Bike, 3 mins

Row, 3 mins

Run, 400 m

Assault Bike, 2 mins

Row, 2 mins

Run, 200 m

Assault Bike, 1 min

Row, 1 min

This week is a De-Load week. Take care of yourself, this is not the week to go hard in the paint 🙂 Enjoy!

(** The 600m mark is to the driveway entrance and back)

Cool Down Skill Work:

EMOM 10 min:

Min 1: 3 Strict Muscle Up

Min 2: 6 Strict HSPU

**There are many subs to be used for these skills. Your instructor will give you options