HOME WOD 3-16-20

Dear Members,

Combat Sports Academy / CrossFit CSA? will remain open to our members as long as we are allowed. With this said we are actively taking steps to insure the health and safety of our members during this challenging time. We have been instituting wiping down ALL surfaces with disinfectant wipes, keeping distance in the gym, washing hands etc.

We will diligently monitor the situation in our area and adjust our class and attendance policies as needed.

CSA will be offering at home Wods posted on Beyond the Whiteboard to aid in the effort of social distancing. These workouts are modifications and scaled versions of our daily class workouts. For those that would like to take advantage of this you must be signed up to beyond the whiteboard. This is free to our members.? If you are not a member of CSA on Beyond the Whiteboard you can private message us on our Facebook page, our Instagram page, or via email at [email protected] for the code. Please stay in touch with the community on our facebook page crossfitCSA as well.

Finally, these are challenging times for all of us, we are specially grateful to have your continued support, patronage, and cooperation through this public health crisis. The community at CSA is very special, and our gym is a sanctuary of positivity and healthy living. With compassion and kindness we will get through this together.

WOD Monday 3-16-20

Every 3 minutes for 5 rounds

12 squat jumps

10 burpees

8 hand release push ups

  • moving forward – future at home wods will be posted on Beyond the whiteboard.